As a child, my favorite place in the world was my elementary school’s library.  My favorite day? Book day, obviously.

Did you have a book day at your school? You know, the day where teachers bring in those ginormous  scholastic magazines filled with books you can order? I remember circling each book I had to have and shoving the order form at my mom. (Unfortunately, she only ordered about a 1/4 of the books I actually wanted.)

My point is this: I love reading and writing. My career path(s) reflect that passion. 


In 1998, I officially began my professional writing career. My first book (complete at 15 pages) was written for my elementary school’s prestigious art show. It was a Laura Ingel Wilder-inspired memoir about a girl traveling across the frontier. There were lots of grammatical errors. My protag’s 6-year-old sister was killed in an ambush. It was dark and awful. But, it won 1st place, so I’ll take it.

In all seriousness, my writing career started in 2016 when I became a freelance writer for a large website. By the end of my time with this company, I had written almost 100 professional articles, learned the basics of writing commercially for clients, and by necessity, how to effectively create, edit, and publish my work within a deadline. 

Currently, I am an active member of the ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) and Realm Makers. In the summer of 2020, my unpublished novel, the Peacemakers, became a finalist for the ACFW Virginia Chapter Crown Award. My work has been published on large publications, such as, Her View From Home, Thrive Global, I AM & CO, and Fupping.


In 2017, I made the scariest, most rewarding business move of my life; I started a blog. 

When I started Blunders in Babyland, I had no idea what I was getting into or the passion it would spark.  Blunders in Babyland offers practical tips to help new and expecting moms overcome the challenges of early motherhood. Sometimes that means I write helpful articles about tips I’ve personally used. Other times, I work with brands to introduce my readers to the products and services I know they’ll love.

Today, my blog serves 35,000 monthly readers and has a rapidly growing social media following of over 10,000.  


You don’t have to pull my arm to get me to read a good book! I love sharing my passion for books with others to help them find their new favorite readers. Click here if you’d like to learn more about my book reviews.