Book Review Edge of Everywhen

Book Review: The Edge of Everywhen

Author: A.S. Mackey

Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy

Age: 8-12

Rating: 4/5

The Edge of Everywhen in a Nutshell

I received an ARC to facilitate an honest review of the book. This review was originally completed on Goodreads and Amazon and has been adapted for this blog.

If you’re looking for an exciting, clean book for your pre-teen? Check out Edge of Everywhen. 

Piper and Phoenix have suffered a terrible loss. Their mother–and only surviving parent after their Dad disappeared–died in a car crash. Now they’re forced to leave their home and move in with Aunt Beryl. Aunt Beryl barely looks at them and her pristine palace-of-a-house is filled with rules and order, but no warmth or happiness. Soon the children become enchanted by her forbidden library and a book that calls to them. Phoenix, autistic and non-verbal since the disappearance of his dad, sees the world in a special way. The Novus Fabula calls out to him first and he eagerly answers. Soon the book shares a special story that begins to change the entire house.

I rarely read middle-grade but I was absolutely delighted by Edge of Everywhen. A.S. Mackey thoroughly held my attention. What happened to the children’s father? Where did the Novus Fabula come from?

Edge of Everywhen is written through the perspective of the book, which is downright cool. I love the whimsical narration and I think middle-grade readers will too. 

I also loved the characters. Piper struggles to find hope and faith after great loss. Phoenix’s disability isn’t downplayed or “cured”, it just is. In fact, his unique character plays a huge part in the overarching plot. 

There is a heavy religious undertone in the book. I think the Novus Fabula is an allegory for the gospel. Whether your child comes from a Christian home or not, I think they will enjoy Edge of Everywhen.

The downside, I didn’t get a sense of closure from the ending. Why was the dad kidnapped in the first place and how were their dreams connected? Maybe with middle grade, the plot isn’t as important, but as an adult reader, this kind of bugged me.

Would I Recommend?

Overall, Edge of Everywhen was a great read. It brought a touch of magic to the Christian faith. If you’re struggling with letting your child read books like Harry Potter, I think Edge of Everywhen is a great option.