Forging Darkness Book Review - Stealing Embers Book 2 (1)

Forging Darkness Book Review: Fallen Legacies Book 2

AUTHOR: Julie Hall



RATING: 4.5/5

Here we are again with Emberly the Spunky Nephilim. First and foremost, I’m so glad we didn’t play a lot of catch-up in Forging Darkness. We immediately dive in right where we left off with Stealing Embers. Steel and Emberly have this passionate but stand-offish romance, Emberly is still discovering (and growing) her Harry-Potter-Level-Cool powers, and the Forsaken threat is still pushing against the team.

Forging Darkness starts out with a bang and the tension does not stop until the book ends (on a cliffhanger).

What I Loved:

The Forsaken and Fallen

In Stealing Embers, we explored the world of the angel-born, the good nephilim. In Stealing Embers book 2, we dive right onto the other side of the spectrum, the Forsaken and Fallen. This world is dark, unforgiving, and sometimes (for the reader), uncomfortable. 

I love it. This book presents some interesting gray areas that were fun to explore.


I love Emberly’s voice. She’s, hands-down, one of my favorite protagonists of all time. She’s spunky, sarcastic, yet believably vulnerable. I know that EVERYONE says that about great female protagonists, but seriously, she makes the books. 

If you’ve ever watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I’m probably dating myself here…) her “voice” is very similar. 

Emberly’s Abilities/World-Building

The world of the Fallen Legacies is totally immersive. Julie Hall has done such an excellent job at creating a believable, terrifying world with flying superheroes and ruthless fallen angels. And Emberly’s incredible powers are at the center of it all. She’s the kind of hero that you read about and go, “Woah, she’s freaking cool. How can she possibly get cooler?”

And it’s not just Emberly. Seeing Steel and Thorne’s abilities in action is pretty epic too.


Usually I only write about 3 things I love, tops. But I don’t feel like I can write this Forging Darkness book review without mentioning how its plot completely has me enthralled. I need to know what happens so. Bad. 

What’s the deal with Steel and Emberly? Why are they so drawn together? Why did Emberly’s mom and dad decide to make a little angel hybrid baby? Who is Emberly’s mom anyway? Julie Hall has completely got me hooked on this trilogy’s drama and I think you will be too!

What I Didn’t Love

Steel and Emberly

Okay, this isn’t necessarily true. I do really like their relationship. I would be devastated if they didn’t work out. 


There’s something missing. I’m not sure what. But sometimes I don’t feel as invested in them as I feel like I should. When Thorne came onto the scene I was like “Mmm, okay, maybe I can get down with this.” I think this kind of speaks to how torn I am about Steel and Emberly.

I haven’t given up on them. They’re sweet. They’re steamy (clean-steamy). And they seem fated. So, as long as Book 3 goes well, I think they have the potential to be an epic couple.

It Wasn’t as Clean as Stealing Embers

For you parents out there that are wondering if Forging Darkness or Stealing Embers is appropriate for younger teens, let me just reassure you….it kind of is. Stealing Embers was 100% clean (except for maybe one scene where Emberly kicks a character in the family jewels). 

Forging Darkness is a little…well…darker. There’s a few cuss words. There’s some disturbing (although not graphic) deaths.

Having said that, Forging Darkness is very clean compared to most YA paranormal romances.

Would I Recommend?

Angel hybrids. Quirky main characters. An inter-dimensional plot that will keep you hooked for 400 pages? Please, if you like YA paranormal books, just buy Stealing Embers and Forging Darkness. This is a fantastic book and I loved every single second of it. Julie Hall is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors in the universe. If you like (mostly) clean YA, you really can’t go wrong with this book.