Ultimate Bundles Writers Toolkit 2022 Review (1)

Ultimate Bundles Writer’s Toolkit 2022 Review: My Legit Experience

You’ve spent hours upon hours pouring your heart and soul into writing your book. After blood, sweat, and unholy amounts of caffeine, you finally complete it.

Now what?

You know you need to edit the manuscript. But how? Maybe you’d like to Indie publish, but the entire process seems daunting. Perhaps your heart is set on traditional publishing, but you know agents and publishing houses only go for writers with a stellar social media following. But without a published book, what do you even post about?

What it comes down to is this: you only know what you know. And there are lots of things you don’t know. Marketing, cover design, book formatting, sales—heck, even finishing your manuscript without taking three years–all of these skills take time and money to master.

That’s where the Ultimate Bundles Writer’s Toolkit comes in. TWTK is a collection of digital courses, books, templates, planners, and templates designed specifically to help you excel at your writing career.

Whether you’re a fiction, nonfiction or even a freelance writer, this bundle offers the education you need–at a severely discounted price. 

It covers a variety of topics: Children’s & Teen Writing, Editing & Publishing, Pitching & Marketing, Productivity, Writing Skills & Inspiration, and Writing Your Book (that is, crafting a bestseller with a killer plot and characters). 

There’s no doubt that there is a lot of material in the bundle…but it is a good purchase for you?

And, that’s where I come in.

I’m Erin Artfitch, freelance writer, blogger, and aspiring novelist. In this Ultimate Bundles Writer’s Toolkit 2022 review, I’m sharing everything you need to know before purchasing: who Ultimate Bundles is, what is included in the bundle, my favorite courses that made it a worthwhile buy for myself, and any of the burning questions that you have.

My goal is NOT to convince you purchase the bundle. Let’s be honest…it’s not right for everyone. I just want you to help you decide if it’s good for you.

Sound good? Let’s get started.


Great Value

Reputable company

Resources for beginner and intermediate writers

Resources for fiction, nonfiction, and freelance writers

All digital. Instant access and no shipping fees.

Most resources never expire


30-Day Worry-Free Guarantee


You may not use every resource

Can be a waste of money if you don’t actually take the classes

A couple resources expire after a year

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase from one of the links I will make a small commission at no charge to you.

Who is Ultimate Bundles (and Are They Legit)?

Ultimate Bundles is an online company that bundles full-sized e-courses, printables, charts, ebooks, and templates from legitimate experts in the field. The overall discount for these products is staggering. 

I’m talking 98% off. Seriously.

I’ve been a customer of Ultimate Bundles for almost five years now.

After I started my motherhood blog back in 2017, there was still so much I didn’t know about how to marketing, dealing with wordpress, social media, etc. etc. I purchased the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit and it completely skyrocketed my little side-hustle. Since then, I’ve purchased the GBTK three times (it changes every year) and have saved tons of money on courses that I was already planning on purchasing.

As a former contributor of Ultimate Bundles, I can attest that they do screen their experts thoroughly and review each product included in the bundle. Their reputation is on the line! They want to make sure every customer is satisfied. 

What is the Writer’s Toolkit 2022?

The Writer’s Toolkit is a collection of e-courses, e-books, templates, and other tools designed to help you improve your writing and kickstart your writing career. With this bundle you’ll learn how to *finally* write your book, edit it, publish it, and–most importantly–sell copies!

The bundle also contains a lot of content for freelance writers as well! Namely, how to start your freelance business, capture clients, and market your skills.

If you tally up the actual value of the products together (sold individually) you’re looking at over $4,500. 

I’m particularly impressed by some of the names I’ve noticed on the bundle’s lineup. Namely:

  • Marion Roach Smith, former staff member of New York Times
  • Lucinda – Literary agent and owner of Lucinda Literary
  • Carol Tice, freelance business writer
  • Mike Michalowicz, entrepreneur, marketer, and author of 7 respected business books
  • Alexa Bigwarfe, USA Today best-selling author and publishing house owner
  • Naomi Nakashima, freelance ghostwriter & book editor
  • Steff Green, author and publishing coach

How Much Does the Writer’s Toolkit Cost?

There’s actually two options for the Writer’s Toolkit.

You can purchase just the Writer’s Toolkit for $97. This will grant you access to all of the courses, content, and bonuses.


You can purchase the Writer’s Toolkit + The Cheatsheets for $147. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by ALL of the resources included with the bundle and maybe worried that you won’t make the best use of it, these cheat sheets are perfect for you. They will help you streamline and plan your learning.

Is the Writer’s Toolkit 2022 Worth It?

Yes, but only if you meet some criteria. 

Before recommending anything to my readers, I research it thoroughly. I value your time and money and have zero interest in bamboozling you into something you won’t use.

Who is the Writer’s Toolkit For?

Unpublished Writers 

While the Writer’s Toolkit has more resources targeted toward nonfiction writers, I think it is safely a good purchase for novelists too. 

Raise your hand if you’re intimidated by marketing your book (read: have no clue where to start). If you’re planning on Indie publishing OR your traditional publisher expects you do to some of the marketing legwork yourself, you will love these resources. 

If you’re an intermediate writer (or a beginner novelist), I think you’re also going to really like the editing courses. There are a few courses (that I will discuss in more depth below) that take you by the hand and walk you through editing, step-by-step. Did I mention these courses were created by editors? Very helpful.

There are several printables, workbooks, and courses that help writers (every writer) increase productivity and tap into their creative juices. If you’ve ever experienced writer’s block, you know how valuable that is!

Beginner Freelance Writers or Copywriters

Let’s say you don’t give a hoot about publishing a book. Is the Ultimate Bundles Writer’s Toolkit good for you?

It might be, but only if you’re a beginning your freelancing journey. TWTK includes e-books to improve your grammar, productivity tools, marketing courses designed for freelance writer for expanding your business and finding clients, and courses on how to start your freelancing career.

Published Authors Looking to Self-Publish

Even if you know all the tricks of the traditional publishing trade, self-publishing is a whole new animal. Going indie is hard! It’s easy to write a wonderful book and then watch it flop on release day.

TWTK includes courses and e-books designed for all aspects of self-publishing: marketing, the mechanics of self-publishing, growing your social media presence, editing, and selling strategies.

Who The Bundle Isn’t For

Are you a blogger? I suggest waiting for the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit. That product changed my blogging career!

Are you a complete beginner writer who really wants to improve your craft? I would suggest reading a ton of books on writing and grammar. This bundle doesn’t offer a ton of technical skills for beginner writers. However, if you’re struggling with FINISHING your book, time management, or tapping into your creativity, the UBWTK is still a good buy.

My Top 5 Resources Included in the Ultimate Bundles Writer’s Toolkit 2022

Writer's Toolkit 2022 My Favorite Resources

I’m what you might call an intermediate writer. I’ve owned, managed, and written for my own website for four years now. I’ve also written freelance a little bit during this time. My main passion, however, is writing novels. I’ve written two, but I haven’t published yet.

So, when I looked at this bundle, I was particularly interested in the courses/ebooks for marketing, editing, and developing my freelance side-hustle. 

Before purchasing the bundle myself, I looked through the list and decided if there were at least 5 resources that would make this bundle worth it (monetarily and time-wise).

There were, so I bought it. 

A Beginner’s Guide to Book Formatting C.E. Flores 

 This is a lecture-style course that makes editing and publishing your book look easy. Before wandering into this course, I had zero knowledge of formatting. That is, what to put on the front and back page, where to go for author services. I really enjoyed how detailed the course was without being overwhelming.

Easy as A-B-C Editing by Naomi D. Nakashima

 The title pretty much explains it all. I really liked this course. IT’s in-depth, but not too much to digest. Naomi walks you through each editing phase of your book. While I knew how to edit, I struggled with the different types of editing (line edits vs copy edits, etc.) Extremely helpful course!

How to Rock Self-Publishing School by Steff Green

I was very, very interested in this course. While I don’t plan on self-publishing any time soon, I really wanted to know the process. Steff Green is a USA bestselling author (check out her books under the pseudonym Steffanie Holmes) so I knew her advice on successfully selling books was going to be fire.

This is a video-based course that goes over the entire process of self-publishing, from the book’s conception (hint: more than one book is key), picking a publishing platform, building pre-launch readers, book design, selling strategies, and pricing.

How To Write Opinion Pieces: Op-eds, Radio Essays and Digital Commentary by Marion Roach Smith. 

First of all, who is Marion Roach Smith? She’s a nonfiction author and former staff member of the New York Times. Love this high-authority source!

Op-Eds are opinion pieces usually published on high-authority newspapers and websites. This is a great way to begin your career as a memoir author and increase your exposure as a writer (a must in today’s marketing climate). This is about an hour-long video course with a transcript for you visual learners. Op-Eds can be very intimidating because you’re 1., pitching to a high-authority media outlet. 2., researching a topic thoroughly, and 3., giving your opinion on that subject (which is almost as terrifying as researching accurate facts).

Marion holds your hand through the process. 

Book Proposal Boot Camp by Lucinda Halpern

I really, really liked this course. If you’re an aspiring nonfiction writer, creating an effective book proposal can make or break your career. Even if you write fiction, you should still be able to pull one together. But what do you include in a book proposal? How do you create the perfect elevator pitch that captures an agent from the first word? How do you find comparable titles? What about your author bio? Lucinda goes over ALL OF THIS and provides samples of what works and what doesn’t. This on-demand video is over an hour long and filled to the brim with helpful tips. 

I wish I had time to go through all of my personal faves (there were two many…) but here are a few notable mentions:

  • A Book Marketer’s Guide to Creating Your Marketing Message by Lindsey Hartz
  • How to earn money as a freelance writer by Abigail King
  • Instagram for Authors by Write|Publish|Sell
  • LinkedIn Marketing Magic: How to Use LinkedIn to Find Freelance Writing Clients in an Hour or Less Week by Heather Ritchie
  • 2-month trial to Hope*Writers community from Hope*Writers

What’s Included in the Ultimate Bundles Writer’s Toolkit 2022

The Writers Toolkit

Okay, let’s break down EVERYTHING included in the Writer’s Toolkit. I’m not going to include the descriptions, but you can check them out over at the Ultimate Bundles website.

CHILDREN’S & TEEN WRITING (4 resources worth $55.95)

  • Creative Story Template for Kids by Sara Radginski (Printable) $5.00
  • Story Writing Companion for Teens: Fiction Writing Bundle by Sophie Agbonkhese (eBook) $19.00
  • Theodor Kittelsen’s Forest Friends Fine Art Pages & Creative Writing Pack by Erica Johns (Printable) $14.95
  • Write Through the Holidays by Richie Soares (Printable) $17.00

EDITING & PUBLISHING (7 resources worth $1039.99)

  • 20 Ebook Cover Designs by Caroline Vencil (Template) $47.00
  • 44 Top Resources for Writers by John Tighe (eBook) $20.00
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Book Formatting by C.E. Flores (eCourse) $37.00
  • Easy as A-B-C Editing by Naomi D. Nakashima (eCourse) $497.00
  • Ebook and Magazine Canva Template by Lori Walker (Template) $14.99
  • Grammar Conundrums: 50+ Confusing Word Pairs You Need to Master by Catherine Turner (eCourse) $27.00
  • How to Rock Self-Publishing by Steff Green (eCourse) $397.00

NICHE WRITING (4 resources worth $365.99)

  • How to Write A Converting About Page that Grows Your Wellness Business by Charlyn June Awing (eCourse) $99.00
  • How To Write Opinion Pieces: Op-eds, Radio Essays and Digital Commentary by Marion Roach Smith (eCourse) $147.00
  • Media Release Agreement Template by Amira Irfan (Template) $100.00
  • The Faithful Creative Bundle by David Lee Martin (eCourse) $19.99

PITCHING & MARKETING (11 resources worth $987.00)

  • Book Proposal Boot Camp by Lucinda Halpern (eCoursse) $147.00
  • Content Profit Hacks by Amy Harrop (eCourse) $27.00
  • A Book Marketer’s Guide to Creating Your Marketing Message by Lindsey Hartz (eCourse) $97.00
  • Creating a Six-Figure Business by Gael Wood (eCourse) $49.00
  • How to earn money as a freelance writer by Abigail King (eCourse) $75.00
  • Instagram for Authors by Write|Publish|Sell (eCourse) $147.00
  • LinkedIn Marketing Magic: How to Use LinkedIn to Find Freelance Writing Clients in an Hour or Less Week by Heather Ritchie (eCourse) $97.00
  • Pitching 101: How Writers Find Better Client Leads & Get Hired by Carol Tice (eCourse) $97.00
  • Target Readers Academy by Belinda K Griffin (eCourse) $147.00
  • Twitter Spaces for Authors by Ruth L. Snyder (eCourse) $97.00
  • #LearnTwitter Spaces by Ruth L. Snyder (eBook) $7.00

PRODUCTIVITY (6 resources worth $320.99)

  • 2,000 Words A Day: Creating A Consistent Writing Routine That Serves You And Your Business by Susanne Myers & Tracy Roberts (eCourse) $47.00
  • Daily Writing Journal with 30 days of guided prompts by Dee Pawar (Printable) $27.00
  • The Writing Progress Tracker by Kate Motaung (Printable) $7.00
  • Work for You Planner: Your Passport to Self-Employment by Alicia Rufino (Workbook) $27.00
  • Writer’s Block Relief: Get Words Flowing by Joseph Michael (eCourse) $197.00
  • You Can, Toucan! Do More in Less Time by Claire L. Fishback (eBook + Workbook) $15.99

WRITING SKILLS & INSPIRATION (4 resources worth $287.99)

  • Indie Author Weekly: Podcast & Bonuses by Sagan Morrow (eCourse) $19.00
  • The Online Writer’s Survival Guide by Todd Brison (Printable) $50.00
  • Writer’s Ebook Bundle by Andi Cumbo-Floyd (eBook) $19.99
  • Crafting Your Creative Flow by Elisa Doucette (eCourse) $199.00

WRITING YOUR BOOK (5 resources worth $1031.00)

  • 7 Day Bestseller Formula by Jyotsna Ramachandran (eCourse) $297.00
  • Bestseller Blueprint: Write Books That Sell by Derek Murphy (eCourse) $197.00
  • Book Writing Lab by Shelley Hitz (eCourse) $27.00
  • The Simple Roadmap for Writing Your First Book by Katri Soikkeli (eBook) $15.00
  • The Stages of a Book by Mike Michalowicz (eCourse) $495.99

Bonuses offered with the Ultimate Bundle’s Toolkit

Ultimate Bundles Writer's Toolkit 2022 Early Bird Bonus

Early Bird

The early bird special is an incentive to purchase the bundle in the first couple days of its release. These bonuses are ONLY offered until JUNE 10TH at Midnight (EST).

  • 2-month trial to Hope*Writers community from Hope*Writers worth $94.00 – I’ve heard nothing but incredible things about the Hope Writers community. They’re a membership for writers to collaborate. They also offer a huge training library (which honestly, makes this bundle worth it in itself…)
  • 50% discount for 3 months from Social Bee worth $118.00 – A fantastic social media scheduling app. You can use it to schedule your content across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and Twitter. 
  • 30 day free trial plus 25% off next payment from Nrdly worth $400.00
  • 1 free coaching session for first 25 redemptions and 25% off session redemptions after that from Eagles Wings Services LLC worth $95.00
  • 90-day Extended Free Trial from Writing Analytics worth $27.00- I am particularly excited about this bonus. It’s an app that tracks the time you spend writing. What’s so cool about that, Erin? Any timer app can do that. Well, Writing Analytics tracks how much time you spend PRODUCTIVELY writing. It’ll know if you get side-tracked by social media or researching random things like the difference between ochre vs. burnt orange. The goal of this app it to help you write more effectively. 
  • Focus Aromatherapy Blend Roller Ball from PuroCo worth $18.00
  • $25 credit from SaneBox – Smart Email Cleaner worth $25.00

Most Common Questions About the Bundle

Do these resources expire?

So…yes and no. 

Once you purchase the bundle, you’re able to access all of your resources at Ultimate Bundles. From there, you need to either register or download the resource. You have a year to do this.

After you’ve registered for each individual resource, most of them never expire. Of those resources, I only saw one that only granted me access for one year.

Are these full-sized products?

Yes, all of the products included in the bundle are full products that you can buy individually. HOWEVER, I’m not going to lie, there were a couple resources that I didn’t think were worth the value the contributor attributed to them. Also, a couple products seemed like a sample to encourage you to buy the expensive product that the creator made.

These were few and far between though. It seems like most of the products are great resources and make the bundle a heckuva deal.

What if I Hate It? Are There Returns?

Yup. You have a 30 return policy.

Are the “Values” Legit?

As a former contributor of Ultimate Bundles, I can confirm that the values UB advertises should be what the resources cost if sold individually. Having said that, this doesn’t account for some of the products being overpriced or overestimated (see comment above). Since the pricing of each individual product is decided by the creator, that’s not really something Ultimate Bundles can control.

How to Decide if The Ultimate Bundles Writer’s Toolkit 2022 is Right for You

Before purchasing the bundle, I highly recommend making a list of the courses that you are interested in, as well as their value. Research the authors of these resources. Make sure they’re at the right spot in their career that their advice can be helpful to you.

Remember those resources I listed above as my favorites? The people that made those courses were legitimate professionals in the industry. I was pretty impressed by their credentials. I recommend doing a quick Google search on the creators of whatever resources you’re interested.

If you can find five or more resources and the value combined is over $97, then congratulations! The Writer’s Toolkit is probably a worthwhile purchase for you!

Keep in mind that even if you purchase the bundle and you discover that it’s not what you were expecting, you still have a worry-free 30 Day guarantee. Yes, they will legitimately refund your purchase if you don’t like it.

If you’d like to go ahead and further your writing education today, click here or the button below. By the way, let me know if you have any questions about my experiences with Ultimate Bundles or the Writer’s Toolkit. The world is waiting for your story. I’m really excited for you!