The PhoenixCrate Review - Clean Fantasy Book Box

The PhoenixCrate Review – Clean Fantasy Book Box Review + Coupon

I have always wanted to subscribe to a book box. I’m a huge fan of science fiction and fantasy and a little bit of a nerd when it comes to bookish goodies. There’s just one problem: the content! Sometimes popular book boxes send out books that I would never read and goodies that are far too edgy for my taste. 

Finding a book box that offers only clean fantasy or science fiction kind of seemed like an impossibility.

Until I found out about The PhoenixCrate. The PhoenixCrate delivers clean fantasy written by the best authors in the genre straight to your mailbox. Once I found out that the PhoenixCrate included Morgan L. Busse’s Secrets in the Mist (I’ve been salivating over this book for MONTHS), I couldn’t whip out my credit card fast enough.

If you’ve been wondering about this book box subscription, I’m so glad you’re here. My PhoenixCrate review goes over exactly what’s included in the box plus how you can get extra goodies and even save money on your first box.


What is the Phoenix Crate?

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Let’s start with the basics: what is the PhoenixCrate? The PhoenixCrate is a quarterly book subscription box for lovers of clean fantasy fiction. The box was created by author C.J. Brightley back in 2018. 

If you’re a fan of clean fantasy (AKA noblebright fantasy) you might have heard of some of her titles, A Long Forgotten Song series, and her newest release, The Wraith and the Rose

The goal is to deliver uplifting and exciting fantasy books straight to your door with fun bonuses you can geek out over.

What’s Included in the Phoenix Crate

The PhoenixCrate Review - Clean Fantasy Book Box

The PhoenixCrate includes a new release clean fantasy book, along with 3-5 bookish goodies that revolve around a monthly theme and/or the included book. 

For this PhoenixCrate review, we’re unboxing the September 2021 box, which included:

  • Secrets in the Mist by Morgan L. Busse (hardcover)
  • A wooden clock craft (this was so much fun!!)
  • Art from Secrets in the Mist
  • Handmade Bath Soap
  • Phoenix origami pins

Secrets in the Mist was a highly anticipated release by many clean fantasy lovers. It’s already won awards for best cover design and best audiobook. Morgan L. Busse, the author, is an award-winning author that puts out bestseller after bestseller. This is not an obscure, so-so quality book that you may or may not enjoy. I think this speaks to the quality of entertainment the PhoenixCrate offers.

While I thought all of the bonus goodies were excellent, but the wooden clock definitely takes my top vote. I loved making it and I’m endlessly delighted that it actually works. It’s officially a permanent addition to my fandom shelf.

Excerpt for Secrets in the Mist

“In a world where humanity lives in the sky to escape a deadly mist below, Cass’s only goal is survival. That is, until she finds a job on the airship Daedalus as a diver. Now she explores ruined cities, looking for treasure and people’s lost heirlooms until a young man hires her to find the impossible: a way to eradicate the Mist.

Theodore Winchester is a member of one of the Five Families that rule the skies. Following in his father’s footsteps, he searches for the source of the Mist and hopes to stop the purges used to control overpopulation. But what he finds are horrifying secrets and lethal ambition. If he continues his quest, it could mean his own death.

The Mist is rising and soon the world will be enveloped in its deadly embrace, turning what’s left of humanity into the undead.”

The PhoenixCrate Deluxe

All of this is great and all, but the real deal is with the PhoenixCrate Deluxe. For just $15 more, you can receive all of this plus an additional book. This month it was Dragon’s Reach by JA Andrews. 

Once again, this is a fantastic book that’s highly-rated on Goodreads and Amazon. Dragon’s Reach actually retails for $34.99 on Amazon, so snagging it for essentially $15 is definitely a steal.

PhoenixCrate Review Conclusion: How to Grab Yours 

I really liked my PhoenixCrate. The book and goodies are on point and the price was perfect. I can’t wait for next quarter’s theme, The Fair Folk!

If you’d like to subscribe to the PhoenixCrate, you actually have a couple buying options:

  • Just the Book ($17.99): If you’re just interested in the book and signed bookplate
  • PhoenixCrate ($34.99 or $32.99 for annual): Includes the featured book, signed bookplate, 3-5 goodies
  • PhoenixCrate Deluxe ($49.99 or $45.99 for annual): All of the above plus a bonus book

You can also purchase one box if you’d just like to give it a spin or buy it for someone else. 

To get your PhoenixCrate book box, click below. Make sure to use the coupon FREEGIFT to earn a free goodie on your first one year subscription! Plus, when you use this link, you can also earn $5!

I hope my little PhoenixCrate review was helpful! Let me know if you have any questions or if you’ve subscribed to the box in the past as well. 

Happy reading!