Work With Me

Welcome! Are you a publisher or author wanting to get the word out about your books? I’m glad you’re here. I love reading and writing about books. I want to connect your ideal reader with your book.

Here are a few collaborations I offer:

  • Book Reviews
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Affiliate Promotions

Book Reviews

All accepted books are reviewed objectively and honestly. Each blog review is search-engine optimized. A smaller version of the review will also be posted on Instagram, Goodreads, and

Genres I Review:

  • Clean Books – I’m okay with mild language, sensuality, and violence. However, I’m not your gal for erotica or horror.
  • Christian Fiction – Suspense, Thriller, Speculative primarily. I will accept historical and romance if I feel that it’s a good fit for my readership.
  • Adult and Young Adult Fantasy*
  • Adult and Young Adult Science Fiction*
  • Suspense & Thriller*
  • Romance*

*As long as the titles follow the “Clean Books” category

To work with me, please email me at erin (at)